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Monday, 21 March 2011

i'm nothing

for the long time i never message or chat with him.. sometimes when i looked at him i miss him..buttt....
i only can miss nothing to do more,such a useless job idiot!!!
why i must make myself hurt and feel the pain ???
my friend always asking to me:why you still make yourself feel the pain?? are you not tired being like this???

my answer: no being like this likely i felt i'm close with him even i ever being with him anymore. this only the way that i could have to see him.but he never remember me.he said we can still be a friend...
i'm happy with this statement...

he remove me and sent me a message - terima kasih banyak-banyak -
but why???
i'm asking myself if i do something wrong with him???
i never message with him after he left me..only a minute if i had chatting with him...
but i'm just ask about his study nothing else..

when he remove me i felt empty..alone..
i feel i was cheated by him...

when i heard this song i felt idiot and numb...
bersamamu aku merasakan seperti orang yang paling istimewa
bersamamu aku seperti bintang-bintang yang selalu bersinar
aku bahagia 2x
bersamamu aku merasakan kedamaian yang tiada terkira
bersamamu aku seperti matahari yang selalu menyinari
aku bahagia2x

bagiku hanya kau yang terindah di antarabunga-bunga itu 2x
bagiku kaulah segalanya

bersamamu aku bagai langit yang selalu menaungi hatimu
bersamamu aku seperti pelangi yang menghiasi duniamu
aku bahagia2x

bersamamu aku merasa bahagia yang sesungguhnya
bersamamu di sisa hidupku....

it really-really fake!!! i hate this

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